eco2 plastics

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Recycling is Good — We Make it Better.

Our patented process for PET plastic recycling has three main steps:


We separate individual PET bottles from bales of reclaimed bottles, while materials such as PVC, metal, and HDPE are removed. The bottles are sorted by color with efficient optical sort technology and ground into tiny flakes. Polypropylene caps and labels are mechanically removed and recycled.


The PET flakes are washed with a combination of an organic solvent and liquid carbon dioxide. The environmentally friendly bio-solvent is biodegradable and FDA-approved for use in food applications. Both the organic solvent and the liquid carbon dioxide are produced from reclaimed byproducts of other industries and effectively remove contaminants before the wash solution is recycled for continual reuse.


The cleaned PET flakes are run through our finishing line to screen for any remaining metal, PVC, paper, or color contamination using more advanced optical sort technology, inductive metal detection technology, and aspiration technology to deliver the lowest possible levels of contamination. Our quality control technicians test each load of PET flake for contaminants, moisture content, intrinsic viscosity, and melt flow to insure that we are meeting our customer’s specifications.